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a wall-mounted water heater

Signs It’s Time for a New Water Heater

Posted on: May / 31 / 2019

When you turn on the faucet, you assume hot water will come streaming out. However, as soon as your water…

woman using plunger for her sink's drain

Clogged Drain Troubleshooting Tips

Posted on: May / 15 / 2019

When you’re going about your busy day, the last thing you need is to run across a clogged drain. The…

Leaky sink faucet- call Bumble Bee for faucet repair

Why Is My Water Pressure So Weak?

Posted on: Apr / 25 / 2019

Water pressure systems are a complex series of plumbing components used to maintain a regular flow of water throughout a…

water flowing through clean drain

Clogged Tub Troubleshooting Tips

Posted on: Apr / 10 / 2019

Is your bathtub slow to drain or completely clogged? When water doesn’t properly drain and begins pooling around your feet,…

2 children looking at toilet- call bumble bee for Glendale plumbing repairs

Why Won’t My Toilet Flush?

Posted on: Mar / 25 / 2019

It's always quite a surprise, and never a welcome one, when your toilet won't flush. Whenever that happens in your Glendale…

plumber repairing pipes under the sink

Why Won’t My Sink Drain?

Posted on: Mar / 25 / 2019

Sinks drain slowly and clog for all sorts of reasons. Usually, the main culprits of that slow-draining sinks or clogs are…

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