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Bumble Bee Plumbing services commercial customers throughout the Phoenix Valley. Regular maintenance and inspection of your business's plumbing system can help to avoid costly repairs later. Being proactive about your plumbing maintenance is essential to the success of your business.

Tips for protecting your business:

Don’t wait to try and find a qualified commercial plumber when you’re already in desperate need. Develop a working relationship with Bumble Bee Plumbing before you have problems.

Next, the best thing to do is develop a regular maintenance schedule.

Commercial Plumber

Things to think about:

If a pipe burst and soaked the hallway in your office, are you prepared to make up the lost time and wages spent on re-directing work and fixing the problem?

How would your customers react if your restaurant’s toilet overflowed?

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What to do after calling Bumble Bee:

  • If you are able, turn off the water supply
  • Have a plan

    In the event of other disasters, such as a fire, you
    have an emergency plan in place. Do the same
    for a plumbing disaster.

  • Be prepared to accomodate your customers
  • Document the damage for insurance purposes
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Commercial plumbing considerations:

From handicapped plumbing needs, crawl space plumbing, unit updating, upgrading to energy-efficient equipment, or specialized appliances, Bumble Bee has you covered!

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