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Water Filtration Services in Glendale, AZ

We all know how important our water is, but did you know how risky it can be? Toxins and other contaminants often make their way into your water supply, posing a hazard to your family’s health. Water filtration services address these risks while simultaneously preventing hard water from ruining your plumbing fixtures. We service everything from carbon-ceramic products to 5-micron polypropylene options. No system can be brand new forever, though, so we make sure that our maintenance and regular services are available to you when you need them. We handle household, office, commercial, and industrial filtration.

Signs That You Need Water Filtration Services

Water impurities reveal themselves in unexpected ways. You need water filtration services if:

  • Your water tastes or smells of chlorine.
  • Your property was built over 50 years ago.
  • You rely on a private wellpoint.
  • Your washing machine is dulling your whites.
  • You always have to remove soap scum from your shower.
  • Your water smells of sulfur.
  • You see sediment in your water.

If you already have a filter, low water pressure, slime, and discoloration are signs that you need a replacement. Treat any sudden changes in scent or taste as a filtration emergency.

The Benefits of Water Filtration

Water filtration systems can remove contaminants like:

  • Visible sediment particles that wear down your plumbing fixtures and laundry.
  • Chemical contaminants that are dangerous to your health.
  • Ferrous and ferric iron that results from rust particles.
  • Minerals that harden your water.

Whole-house water filtration is the gold standard of the industry. It makes purification as simple as possible by hooking into every faucet, effectively softening your shower water and purifying your drinking water. While Glendale and Phoenix’s water quality is consistent across regions, your filter can meet the flow rate required to maintain your water pressure during peak times. Today’s cartridges can handle 150,000 gallons in an ordinary household, which is no easy feat.

Reverse osmosis is an alternative that removes large, unwanted molecules from your drinking water. If you live in a hard water region, this is an excellent way to address it. Manufacturing plants and the like often require reverse osmosis to fit their industries’ regulations.

Why Choose Us?

Bumble Bee Plumbing is a water expert with a difference. We offer a wide range of filtration options to suit every home, installing and repairing the biggest brands in the industry. As a local, family-operated business, we understand the unique needs of our service area. We truly care about our clients, so we always do our best to bring you solutions that fit your budget and requirements. Water should be life-sustaining, so we consider our role to be of the utmost importance.

We’re always in touch with the water quality issues in your neighborhood, so we’re in the unique position to address your concerns precisely and comprehensively. Bumblebee Plumbing understands the infrastructure that supplies your water. This allows us to achieve the water pressure and flow rate you need for your home. As verified professionals, we hire only the most skilled plumbers for our team. We provide a free follow-up visit to make sure you’re completely happy with your system. Our work is insured, and we’ll even provide financing to sweeten the deal. That’s why we win Angie’s List’s Super Service Awards year after year.

Give Bumble Bee a buzz at 602-710-7981 to start drinking cleaner, tastier water today!

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We’re Your Plumbing Service Experts.Contact us today and we’ll be on the way!
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